Previous events

  • Mon 10 Jan 2022 Monthly Meeting
    Mark Thompson on the subject of "Climate Change and Electric Vehicles - the facts, the myths and some real world experiences".
  • Mon 13 Dec 2021 Monthly Meeting
    Professor Terry Callaghan on the subject of "The Changing Arctic and Its Global Consequences".
  • Mon 11 Oct 2021 Monthly Meeting
    Simon Le Frenais on the subject of 'Queen Victoria: Who Do You Think She Was?'.
  • Mon 14 Dec 2020 Monthly Meeting - cancelled
    Les Pickford on the subject of 'Cartoons'.
  • Mon 9 Nov 2020 Monthly Meeting - cancelled
    Simon Le Frenais on the subject of 'Queen Victoria: Who Do You Think She Was?'.
  • Mon 12 Oct 2020 Monthly Meeting - cancelled
  • Mon 14 Sep 2020 Monthly Meeting - cancelled
    Nick Bianchi on the subject of 'History of Bianchi'
  • Mon 10 Aug 2020 Monthly Meeting
    Tony Bostock on the subject of 'Dogs of War'.
  • Mon 20 Jul 2020 Monthly Meeting - cancelled
    Alan Cooper on the subject of 'Prohibition USA 1922-1933'.
  • Mon 15 Jun 2020 Monthly Meeting - cancelled
    Andrew Rowe on the subject of 'Hancock's Half Hour'.
  • Mon 18 May 2020 Monthly Meeting - cancelled
    Peter Ashburner on the subject of 'Flog It - as seen on TV'.
  • Mon 20 Apr 2020 Monthly Meeting
    Shaun Farrelly on the subject of 'Marconi, the Man and His Wireless'.
  • Mon 16 Mar 2020 Monthly Meeting
    Prof. Terry Callaghan on the subject of 'Research in the Arctic'.
  • Mon 17 Feb 2020 Monthly Meeting
    Geoff Higginbottom on the subject of 'Entertainer Returns'.
  • Mon 20 Jan 2020 Monthly Meeting - cancelled
    Fatma on the subject of 'Morning of Oriental Delights'.
  • Mon 16 Dec 2019 Monthly Meeting
    Susan Craig on the subject of 'Look back with laughter'.
  • Mon 18 Nov 2019 Monthly Meeting
    Prof. Peter Roberts on the subject of 'Eight Global Catastrophes'.
  • Mon 21 Oct 2019 Monthly Meeting
  • Thu 10 Oct 2019 Autumn Lunch
    The Autumn Lunch will be held at The Swettenham Arms on Thursday, 10th October 2019.
  • Mon 16 Sep 2019 Monthly Meeting
    John Miller on the subject of 'Living with Live Events'.
  • Mon 19 Aug 2019 Monthly Meeting
    Father M. Burgess on the subject of 'Seven Deadly Sins'.
  • Mon 15 Jul 2019 Monthly Meeting
    Tony Bostock on the subject of 'Cheshire Villages'.
  • Mon 17 Jun 2019 Monthly Meeting
    Pete Webb on the subject of 'The Peak District Rocks, Scenery and Minerals'.
  • Thu 13 Jun 2019 Salford Museum and Art Gallery
    Owing to Monday closure of the museum, our trip will now take place on Thursday, 13th June 2019. Members, partners and guests are to meet,
  • Mon 10 Jun 2019 Salford Museum and Art Gallery
    The trip to Salford Museum and Art Gallery has been rescheduled for Monday 10th June 2019.  Members, partners and guests are to meet at Congleton
  • Mon 20 May 2019 Monthly Meeting
    Keith Meeson on the subject of 'The Bottle Kiln Walk'.
  • Mon 15 Apr 2019 Monthly Meeting
    Dr. Thurai Ratulan on the subject of 'The 380 Airbus'.
  • Thu 21 Mar 2019 Spring Lunch
    12:30 for 1:00 p.m. at the Legs of Man, Arclid.
  • Mon 18 Mar 2019 Monthly Meeting
    Rebecca Done on the subject of 'My life within Entertainment And Beyond'.
  • Mon 18 Feb 2019 Monthly Meeting
    Dave Walmsley on the subject of 'The Russian Revolution'.
  • Mon 21 Jan 2019 Monthly meeting
    Anthony Poulton-Smith on the subject of "From Old to Modern English".  
  • Mon 17 Dec 2018 Monthly meeting

    Brian Hallworth on the subject of ‘The Rocking Years of the 60s’

  • Mon 19 Nov 2018 Monthly meeting

    Rodger Burgess on the subject of ‘A Moment in Time'

  • Wed 17 Oct 2018 Autumn lunch

    12:30 for 1:00pm at the Golden Pheasant, Plumley

  • Mon 15 Oct 2018 Monthly meeting

    AGM & Quiz

  • Fri 12 Oct 2018 Golf match

    The annual Golf Match with Congleton & District Probus Club

  • Mon 17 Sep 2018 Monthly meeting

    John Hastings-Thompson on the subject of ‘The Building of the Patriot Steam Locomotive’

  • Mon 20 Aug 2018 Monthly meeting

    Gordon Speakman on the subject of ‘The Battle of Winwick Pass’

  • Mon 16 Jul 2018 Monthly meeting

    John Miller on the subject of ‘Life at the BBC’

  • Mon 18 Jun 2018 Monthly meeting

    Mike Hewitt on the subject of ‘Chernobyl and Eastern Europe’

  • Mon 11 Jun 2018 Coach trip

    Proposed visit to the National Arboretum

  • Mon 21 May 2018 Monthly meeting

    Mark Thomas on the subject of ‘The R.N.L.I.’

  • Wed 21 Mar 2018 Spring lunch

    Details on the Club notice board

  • Mon 19 Mar 2018 Monthly meeting

    Nigel Linge on the subject of 'From Spoken Word to Broadband’

  • Thu 8 Mar 2018 Manchester trip

    Visit to Police Museum and Art Gallery

  • Mon 19 Feb 2018 Monthly meeting

    Anna Russell on the subject of ‘Manchester Airport Extension’

  • Mon 15 Jan 2018 Monthly meeting

    Jackie McArthur on the subject of ‘Congleton 2020 - can we ever have perfect vision?’

  • Mon 18 Dec 2017 Monthly meeting

    Geoff Keeling on the subject of 'Milestones in Forensic Science'

  • Mon 20 Nov 2017 Monthly meeting

    Professor Ian Morison on the subject of 'Are We Alone?'

  • Mon 16 Oct 2017 Monthly meeting

    A. G. M.

  • Mon 18 Sep 2017 Monthly meeting

    Bernard Loveday on the subject of 'Advances in Modern Medicine'.

  • Wed 30 Aug 2017 Ironbridge trip

    A trip is being organised to Ironbridge and district

  • Mon 21 Aug 2017 Monthly meeting

    Collective Legal Solutions on the subject of 'Tax, Care and Toy Boys - Later Life Issues'

  • Mon 17 Jul 2017 Monthly meeting

    Simon Le Frenais on the subject of 'Charles Darwin'

  • Mon 19 Jun 2017 Monthly meeting

    Bob Kermeen on the subject of 'Who Really Killed Dr. David Kelly'

  • Thu 25 May 2017 AVRO trip

    A visit is being organised to the AVRO museum at Woodford

  • Mon 15 May 2017 Monthly meeting

    John Doughty on the subject of 'James Brindley'

  • Mon 24 Apr 2017 Monthly meeting

    Cat Allen on the subject of 'Songs from The Stage and Screen'

  • Wed 22 Mar 2017 Spring Lunch

    Spring Lunch will be held at the Legs of Man Restaurant

  • Mon 20 Mar 2017 Monthly meeting

    Peter Webb on the subject of 'Fracking'

  • Mon 20 Feb 2017 Monthly meeting

    Peter Turner on the subject of 'Curiosity Killed the Cat'

  • Mon 16 Jan 2017 Monthly meeting

    Lisa Ball on the subject of 'Work of The East Cheshire Hospice'.

  • Mon 19 Dec 2016 Monthly meeting.

    Peter Lowe on the subject of 'An Introduction to Gliding'.

  • Mon 21 Nov 2016 Monthly meeting.

    Bob Kermeen on the subject of 'Iraq from WW1 to Sadam Hussein'.

  • Thu 20 Oct 2016 Autumn Lunch

    Autumn Lunch will be held at Alexandra Court Hotel, Congleton

  • Mon 17 Oct 2016 Monthly meeting.


  • Fri 14 Oct 2016 Annual Golf Competition

    The annual golf day with Congleton and District Probus Club.

  • Mon 19 Sep 2016 Monthly meeting.

    Ray Lowe on the subject of 'The Life and Work of Sir Bernard Lovell'.

  • Mon 15 Aug 2016 Monthly meeting.

    George Pilkington on the subject of 'The Birds and the Bees'.

  • Mon 18 Jul 2016 Monthly meeting.

    Derek Poulson on the subject of 'Dialects'.

  • Mon 4 Jul 2016 Bletchley Park

    There will be a two-day coach trip on 4th and 5th July to visit Bletchley Park on the Monday and the National Trust property at Hughenden on the Tuesday.  The trip includes hotel, dinner, bed and breakfast. 

  • Mon 20 Jun 2016 Monthly event.

    Philip Austin on the subject of 'The building of Monton Lighthouse'.

  • Mon 16 May 2016 Monthly meeting.

    John Doughty on the subject of 'The Folklore and Traditions of the North West'.

  • Wed 27 Apr 2016 Cosford visit

    A coach trip is being organised by Trevor Adams to visit the RAF museum at Cosford, including a guided tour and a lunch.  Further details are on the club notice-board, together with a booking list.

  • Mon 18 Apr 2016 Monthly meeting.

    Colin Walker on the subject of 'The Illustrated History of Recorded Music'.

  • Mon 21 Mar 2016 Monthly meeting.

    David and Valerie Chant on the subject of 'Falconry'.

  • Thu 17 Mar 2016 Spring Lunch

    The Spring Lunch will have a St Patrick's Day theme and will be held at the Vicarage, Holmes Chapel.

  • Thu 3 Mar 2016 JCB visit

    A trip is has been organised by David Heard for a factory tour at JCB, including lunch.  Travel by shared private cars.  Contact David for more information.

  • Mon 15 Feb 2016 Monthly meeting.

    Peter Turner on the subject of 'The Science of Misdirection'.

  • Mon 8 Feb 2016 Dining group

    Dining group lunch at 12:30 at the Brownlow

  • Mon 18 Jan 2016 Monthly meeting.

    Trevor Adams on the subject of "Waterloo 200"

  • Mon 14 Dec 2015 Monthly meeting.

    Harry Moore on the subject of 'The Battle of the River Plate'.

  • Mon 16 Nov 2015 Monthly meeting.

    George Nolan on the subject of 'The Man in Black'.

  • Mon 2 Nov 2015 Visit to the Brewery Museum in Burton-on-Trent.

    A visit is being organised by Paul to the Brewery Museum in Burton-on-Trent on Monday the 2nd of November. The coach will leave Hollinshead's yard at 9.30 am, arrive at the museum at 10.45 and we should be back in Biddulph by around 4.00pm. The cost (including the coach and the tour but not refreshments) is £26 per head.

  • Thu 22 Oct 2015 Autumn Lunch.

    The autumn lunch will be held on Thursday the 22nd of October at the Chimney House Hotel. The price will be £19 for two courses, £22 for three courses and the menu is now available to make your choice.

  • Mon 19 Oct 2015 Monthly meeting.

    AGM and Quiz.

  • Tue 13 Oct 2015 Annual Golf Competition

    The annual golf day with Congleton and District Probus Club.

  • Mon 5 Oct 2015 Dining group lunch.

    Dining group lunch.12.30 at the Brownlow.

  • Mon 21 Sep 2015 Monthly meeting.

    George Pilkington and 'Feeding Wild Birds'.

  • Wed 19 Aug 2015 Trip to the Heritage Railway Museum in Crewe.

    A trip to the Railway Museum in Crewe is being organised for the 19th of August by David Dickinson. Those who are going are asked to meet at the West Heath car park (on the Sandbach Road side) and be ready to leave by 9.15 - car sharing to be sorted out.

  • Mon 17 Aug 2015 Monthly meeting.

    David Hargreaves on the subject of Astronomy.

  • Mon 20 Jul 2015 Monthly meeting.

    Ray Perry giving us the history of Rudyard Lake.

  • Thu 16 Jul 2015 Past Chairman's lunch.
  • Mon 6 Jul 2015 Anderton Boat Lift trip.

    The trip to the Anderton Boat lift is now confirmed for Monday the 6th of July at a price of £26 per person, that price including coach travel, a trip on the canal (and on the lift) and a soup and sandwich lunch. The coach is expected to leave Hightown  at 10.45 am, West heath at 11.00 and return at around 4.45 pm.

  • Mon 15 Jun 2015 Monthly meeting.

    John Doughty on the subject of 'John Dalton - the man and his Manchester'.

  • Wed 3 Jun 2015 Manchester Ship Canal Trip.

    Mervin White is organising a day trip on the Manchester Ship Canal on the 3rd of June. There will be a coach provided from Congleton to Liverpool, the boat trip will be from Liverpool to Salford Quays and we will then returning by coach from Salford Quays to Congleton. Pick up points will be the Pet Shop at Hightown at 8.00 am and the Unicorn at West Heath at 8.10.

  • Mon 1 Jun 2015 Dining group lunch.

    Dining Group lunch at the Brownlow at 12.30.

  • Mon 18 May 2015 Monthly meeting.

    John Hooley on the subject of 'The Royal Yacht Britannia and her predecessors'.

  • Mon 20 Apr 2015 Monthly meeting.

    Susan Leicester telling us about 'An English Woman in the White House'

  • Mon 16 Mar 2015 Monthly meeting,

    Karen Jones talking about the Red Cross, both local and international.

  • Thu 5 Mar 2015 Spring lunch.

    The Club spring lunch will be held at the Swettenham Arms on Thursday the 5th of March. Doug Mackenzie is in charge and will welcome your call.

  • Mon 23 Feb 2015 Dining group.

    The Dining Group are due to meet at the Brownlow In on Monday the 23rd of February for lunch.

  • Mon 23 Feb 2015 Dining group.

    The Dining Group are due to meet at the Brownlow Inn on Monday the 23rd of February for lunch.

  • Mon 16 Feb 2015 Monthly meeting.

    Pete Turner giving a Tommy Cooper tribute.

  • Mon 19 Jan 2015 Monthly meeting.

    Alan Topliss talking about 'Tatti Popa'.

  • Mon 15 Dec 2014 Monthly meeting.

    Keith Vigurs talking about 'Mystery shopping'.

  • Mon 17 Nov 2014 Monthly meeting.

    AGM. Quiz.

  • Mon 20 Oct 2014 Monthly meeting.

    Ray Jackson MBE talking about 'The Lower Moss Wood Wildlife Hospital'.

  • Mon 15 Sep 2014 Monthly meeting.

    Helen Tenwolde talking about 'Communication'.

  • Mon 18 Aug 2014 Monthly meeting.

    David Hargreaves talking about 'Astronomy'.

  • Mon 21 Jul 2014 Monthly meeting.

    John Doughty talking about 'Noted for Fresh Air and Fun'.

  • Mon 16 Jun 2014 Monthly meeting.

    Bob Kermeen talking about the story behind 'A Nastia Game'.

  • Mon 19 May 2014 Monthly meeting.

    Don Loran talking about 'It Shouldn't Happen To An Optometrist'.

  • Mon 14 Apr 2014 Monthly meeting.

    Peter Flack talking about 'I'm Not Lost'.

  • Mon 17 Mar 2014 Monthly meeting.

    David McCaddon talking about 'After The Yorkshire Ripper'.

  • Mon 17 Feb 2014 Monthly meeting.

    Peter Turner talking about 'Heads I Win - Tails You Lose'.

  • Mon 20 Jan 2014 Monthly meeting.

    Karyn Johnston talking about 'Age UK'.

  • Mon 16 Dec 2013 Monthly meeting

    Sheila Parry talking about 'A Christmas Presentation'

  • Mon 18 Nov 2013 Monthly meeting

    Graham Royle talking about 'Bees and Honey'

  • Mon 21 Oct 2013 Monthly meeting

    AGM and Quiz

  • Mon 16 Sep 2013 Monthly meeting

    John Parsons, Nantwich Town Crier, talking about 'My Granddad's an Oyez man'. This will be a special 'Guest' day.


  • Mon 19 Aug 2013 Monthly meeting

    Professor Ian Morrison talking about 'Are we alone?'

  • Mon 15 Jul 2013 Monthly meeting

    Paul Gubbins talking about 'Esperanto - The International Language'

  • Mon 17 Jun 2013 Monthly meeting

    Janet Bradshaw talking about 'Come into the Garden'

  • Mon 20 May 2013 Monthly meeting

    Barbara Foster talking about 'Housekeeper at Dunham Massey'

  • Notes
    • The Snooker Club meets every Tuesday at the Cygnet Club, Swan Bank from 10.00 to 12.00 am