June 2022news

Our speaker on the 13th June will be Brian Price, giving a talk entitled “A Laugh on the Ocean Wave”. Brian successfully completed most of

April 2022 news

At our next monthly meeting on Monday, 9th May, Andrew Rowe will be returning to give a talk, this time titled "The Titanic - are

April 2022 news

The talk at our next meeting on Monday, 11th April, will be given by guest speaker Shaun Farrelly on the subject of "James Brindley -

February 2022 news

Our speaker on the 14th February will be Keith Stevens and his topic will be - 'Covid - did we have to shoot ourselves in

January 2022 news

Our speaker on Monday 10th January will be Mark Thompson and his topic will be "Climate Change and Electric Vehicles - the facts, the myths

December 2021 news

Prof Terry Callaghan is the invited speaker at the next meeting on Monday 13th December at Congleton Golf Club.  He is an adviser to the

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