January 2019 news

The speaker at our next meeting on Monday 21st January is Anthony Poulton-Smith, talking on the subject of  "Old English to Modern English". Anthony is a freelance journalist

December 2018 news

The speaker at our next meeting on Monday 17th December will be Brian Hallworth.  He will be presenting Down Forget-Me-Not Lane (The Rocking Years 2), a

November 2018 news

Our speaker at the next meeting of Congleton Dane Probus Club on Monday 19th November is Rodger Burgess, a retired Police Officer with a keen

September 2018 news

At the next meeting of Congleton Dane Probus Club on Monday the 17th  September our speaker will be John Hastings-Thomson who is a retired teacher living in Derbyshire,  a lifelong railway enthusiast and a director of the LMS Patriot Project. He has a particular interest in the LMS and is a founder member of the LMS Society. He is a volunteer at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway in Derbyshire, where he drives and fires the railway’s steam locomotives.

August 2018 news

Our speaker next week will be Gordon Speakman who is a long time member of the Warrington History Society, history from the ancient period up to the Napoleonic era having been a family interest for many years.

His talk will be about the Battle of Winwick Pass when, during the English Civil Wars, the Parliamentary victory over the Anglo Scottish army on 19th August 1648 at Winwick Pass brought an end to the second civil war. What was left of the Royalist Army gave up their weapons, ammunition and colours and surrendered them to Oliver Cromwell at Warrington Bridge.

July 2018 news

The speaker at the next meeting of Congleton Dane Probus Club will be John Miller who was a member of BBC staff for nearly 30 years, the majority of that time in television production.  He began his BBC career in sound radio operations and after his time in TV production moved on to producing exhibitions, shows and live events, initially as the BBC’s corporate exhibitions manager and later as a freelance for mainly BBC-related companies.

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