April 2024 news

The speaker at our next meeting on Monday 13th May will be George Pilkington.  The title of his talk will be “Birds n Bees”, an illustrated nature talk covering the courtship behaviour of birds and bees in our gardens, along with a few others.  This talk replaces that on Ten Thousand Years of Bling by … Read more

March 2024 news

The invited speaker for our next meeting on Monday 8th April will be George King, Emeritus Professor of Physics at Manchester University. Professor King’s research activities centred around the study of atoms and molecules using synchrotron radiation and electron impact excitation.  He has had more than 200 papers published on this subject, and still teaches … Read more

March 2024 news

The speaker at our next meeting on Monday 11th March is Peter Webb who will be giving a talk on “Earthquakes”.  Not a common occurrence on our doorstep. An intriguing subject nevertheless.  Why and where do they happen?  How are they measured? Peter is an ever popular speaker at the Club, having given previous talks on … Read more

January 2024 news

The talk at our next meeting on Monday 12th February will be titled “Water – the Elixir of Life” by Keith Stevens. Keith, a physicist with a career mostly in energy and power generation, has given several talks previously – most recently “From Flint to Fusion” and “Covid 19 – Did we shoot ourselves in … Read more

December 2023 news

The speaker at our meeting on the 8th January is Karen Castle who will give a talk entitled “How I Ended Up in Prison”. Karen began her career by training as a nurse in Cheshire and working in various wards in the NHS.  Following a tough recruitment and selection process in the 1980’s, including numerous … Read more