January 2020 news

Owing to the funeral of one of our founding members, which many current members wish to attend, coinciding with the next monthly meeting, that meeting on 20th January is cancelled.

December 2019 news

Our speaker on December 16th will be Susan Craig. Her talk, ‘Look Back with Laughter’ is based on her life with her husband Mike, a BBC comedy script writer, and some of the many comedians she entertained in her house. Mike created more than 1,000 television and radio shows, and from 1964 wrote for stars … Read more

November 2019 news

The talk at our next meeting on Monday 18th November is to be given by Professor Dr Peter Roberts on the subject of ‘Global Catastrophes’. Gleefully, it is about eight different global catastrophes that are inevitable. Two will wipe out the whole of life on the planet, some will wipe out humanity but leave residual … Read more

September 2019 news

For our next meeting on Monday, 16th September, we are to be revisited by John Miller. John last spoke to us about his life within the BBC, for whom he worked for nearly 30 years, mostly in TV programme production. This time his talk will be entitled ‘The Show must go on : On the … Read more

August 2019 news

The speaker at our next monthly meeting to be held at The Lion and Swan Hotel on Monday 19th August will be Father Michael E Burgess. His talk is entitled, “The Seven Deadly Sins”. Also known as the Capital Vices, the Seven Traits of Man, or Cardinal Sins, The Seven Deadly Sins is a grouping … Read more

July 2019 news

Our speaker for next Monday 15th July will be Tony Bostock who will be giving us a presentation on Cheshire Villages. Tony is an experienced lecturer/speaker and he has written books and many articles on various aspects of life in Cheshire. He was a serving officer within the Cheshire Constabulary for over 30 years and … Read more

June 2019 news

Our speaker next Monday 17th June will be Peter Webb who will be giving us an illustrated talk on the Peak District, Rock, Scenery & Mountains. The area will be familiar to many of us but we expect that Peter will enlighten us a lot more due to his in-depth knowledge of the area. If … Read more

May 2019 news

Our speaker next Monday 20th May will be Keith Meeson. His presentation will be on his walking and involvement in The Bottle Kiln Walk. If you are a retired man from either a business or professional background and you would like to come along, listen to the talk and find out more about the Club … Read more

April 2019 news

The speaker at our next meeting on Monday 15th April will be Dr Thurai Rahulan FRAeS who will be giving a talk on the iconic A380 Airbus. The A380 is the world’s largest passenger airliner, a wide-body aircraft manufactured by Airbus. Airbus studies started in 1988 and the project was announced in 1990 to challenge … Read more

March 2019 news

The talk at the next meeting of Congleton Dane Probus Club on Monday 18th March will be My Life Within Entertainment and Beyond presented by Rebecca Done. Rebecca is a very interesting person, a talented musician (classical guitar) and singer. As a politician she was very proud and honoured to have represented Leek as one of … Read more