June 2022news

Our speaker on the 13th June will be Brian Price, giving a talk entitled “A Laugh on the Ocean Wave”. Brian successfully completed most of the Institute of Bankers exams before deciding that banking was not for him and running away to sea as a Junior Assistant Purser.  He finished his seafaring career as Cruise … Read more

April 2022 news

At our next monthly meeting on Monday, 9th May, Andrew Rowe will be returning to give a talk, this time titled “The Titanic – are you sure there are enough lifeboats?”.  This follows his entertaining talk on Hancock’s Half Hour last September.  On this occasion the talk will be in the form of a drama in … Read more

April 2022 news

The talk at our next meeting on Monday, 11th April, will be given by guest speaker Shaun Farrelly on the subject of “James Brindley – The Father of British Canal Engineering”. Born in 1716 to yeoman farmers in Tunstead in the Peak District, James Brindley was apprenticed at 17 to a millwright in Macclesfield before … Read more

February 2022 news

Our speaker on the 14th February will be Keith Stevens and his topic will be – ‘Covid – did we have to shoot ourselves in the foot?’ Keith started out as a graduate physicist working at the AEA on friction, wear and corrosion.  He moved on to work on surface coatings and treatments in an … Read more

January 2022 news

Our speaker on Monday 10th January will be Mark Thompson and his topic will be “Climate Change and Electric Vehicles – the facts, the myths and some real world experiences”. Mark recently retired from the government’s business focused innovation agency ‘Innovate UK’ where he was Head of Energy and latterly held directorship roles leading the organization’s … Read more

December 2021 news

Prof Terry Callaghan is the invited speaker at the next meeting on Monday 13th December at Congleton Golf Club.  He is an adviser to the UK Parliamentary Group on Polar Regions.  He started research into arctic plant ecology and has progressed into ecosystem science and environmental change.  He has worked in every arctic country in … Read more

November 2021 news

At our next meeting on Monday, 8th November, we will be given a talk by Tony Bostock about the career of Sir George Beeston, captain of the innovative Tudor warship, HMS Dreadnought, during the Spanish Armada of 1588. In addition to discussing this Tudor hero’s rise to fame, Tony will also explore the remarkable legend … Read more

October 2021 news

At the next monthly meeting on Monday, 11th October, our speaker will be Simon Le Frenais, a retired GP, now indulging himself with his family, golf, gardening and travelling.  Simon will be giving a talk entitled “Queen Victoria – who do you think she was?” covering the background to her succession to the throne, and … Read more

September 2021 news

At our next monthly meeting on Monday 13th September, we will be given a talk on Hancock’s Half-hour, by Andrew Rowe, telling of the development of the program from its inception on radio through to its successful transfer to our early TV screens. Andrew lived all his life in Mid-Cheshire, was educated at Sir John … Read more

August 2021 news

The speaker for our meeting next Monday, 9th August, will be Shaun Farrelly and his subject will be Marconi – the Man and his Wireless. Now retired, Shaun worked for the Post Office (Telephones), which eventually became BT and has spent nearly 38 years in the business. Starting as an apprentice he became a maintenance … Read more