December 2020 news

Once again, we will not be having a club meeting next month (11th January) due to the Covid -19 situation.

We would, however, like to send Season’s Greetings to our members and commiserations at the loss of social contact which is making current life so difficult.

Now that we have passed the low point of the year, as far as the seasons are concerned (21st December – Shortest Daylight hours), we hope that it will not be too long before the low point of this national and international chaotic interlude is also behind us. 

We are grateful to our Welfare Officer who has been so conscientious in making direct contact with each member to ensure no-one who needs support goes without.

We can assure you all that we are also doing all we can, such as it is, to ensure the smooth restart of our regular meetings as soon as the authorities permit, in whatever form is permitted.

Until then all we can say is “We’ll meet again ….”