January 2024 news

The talk at our next meeting on Monday 12th February will be titled “Water – the Elixir of Life” by Keith Stevens.

Keith, a physicist with a career mostly in energy and power generation, has given several talks previously – most recently “From Flint to Fusion” and “Covid 19 – Did we shoot ourselves in the foot?”  His talk this time will address many questions that we don’t often think about such as – just what is it really?  our planet is awash with it but where did it come from?  why is it liquid?  why does it float when it freezes?  is all life water based?  did life evolve to take advantage of waters natural properties?

Congleton Dane Probus Club is a friendly group of retired professional and business men and women.  Anyone wishing to sample this meeting and talk can contact the club through the Contact Page of this web site, or if preferred they can ring 07717 375505 to speak to a current member.