November 2021 news

At our next meeting on Monday, 8th November, we will be given a talk by Tony Bostock about the career of Sir George Beeston, captain of the innovative Tudor warship, HMS Dreadnought, during the Spanish Armada of 1588. In addition to discussing this Tudor hero’s rise to fame, Tony will also explore the remarkable legend that Sir George was aged 80 at the time of the Armada and went on to live until 100.

Tony is a retired police officer and Justice of the Peace who is a keen local historian and has been studying the history of Cheshire, especially the Northwich and Middlewich areas for over fifty years. During this time he has conducted a great deal of research and has written several books and articles on various aspects of Cheshire History.

Congleton Dane Probus Club is a friendly group for retired businessmen or professionals. Anyone wishing to sample this meeting and talk can contact the club through the Contact Page of this web site, or if preferred they can ring 07717 375505 to speak to a current member.