September 2023 news

The story of Man’s insatiable quest for energy is at the heart a talk, “From Flint to Fusion”, to be given by Keith Stevens at our next meeting on Monday, 11th September. Can we ever slow our demand?  When is renewable energy not renewable?  Locally, Congleton Hydro has made a small contribution to generation of hydroelectricity with their installation on the River Dane at the Havannah Village weir.  Do we need more hydroelectricity, or can wind and solar save us?  Must we keep burning fossil fuels?  Whatever happened to Nuclear Power?  These and many other questions will be tackled during Keith’s talk.

Keith is a former Principle Scientist at the UKAEA working within the National Centre of Tribology (study of friction, wear, corrosion and lubrication).  He later moved on to be Research and Development Director of an engineering company providing surface coating solutions, before finally working in consultancy.  In his latter role he has developed a portfolio of talks in which he presents a scientific view on a variety of issues of the day.  This talk promises to be very engrossing.

Anyone wishing to come along to the meeting as a guest can contact the club through the Contact Page of this web site, or if preferred they can ring 07717 375505 to speak to a current member.