April 2023 news

The speaker at our next monthly meeting on Monday, 8th May, will be David Skillen whose talk will be “The Bentley Boys – the playboy racers”.

David was a professional speaker in the Civil Service for 35 years and has continued speaking to numerous groups on a variety of historical subjects ever since.

In 1919 Walter Owen Bentley built his first motor car.  It was the beginning of one of the most charismatic marques in motor racing.  But equally fascinating are the men-about-town who drove these magnificent cars.  Their exploits, on and off the track, led to their name “The Bentley Boys”.  They summed up the devil may care attitude of the Roaring Twenties.  In this talk, David will look at how the Bentley Boys came to dominate racing, especially Le Mans which they won in four consecutive years, with illustrations and photographs of the men and their wonderful machines.

Congleton Dane Probus Club is a friendly group of retired professional and business men and women.  Anyone wishing to sample this meeting and talk can contact the club through the Contact Page of this web site, or if preferred they can ring 07717 375505 to speak to a current member.