August 2021 news

The speaker for our meeting next Monday, 9th August, will be Shaun Farrelly and his subject will be Marconi – the Man and his Wireless.

Now retired, Shaun worked for the Post Office (Telephones), which eventually became BT and has spent nearly 38 years in the business. Starting as an apprentice he became a maintenance technician in telephone exchanges, but wanted to branch out and was promoted to Engineering Instructor at the Yarnfield BT Technical College, following which was further promoted to a lecturing post and spent many happy years doing that.

Like many people he links the name Marconi with wireless, but Marconi did not invent the radio. He was a brilliant man who grasped a new technology and used it to make long distance communications possible where no telegraph cables existed. The talk looks not only at Marconi’s technical achievements but also his very colourful personal life, his competitors and the decline of his empire after the First World War.

If you are interested in joining a social club for retired professional or businessmen you are welcome to come along as a guest  to listen to the talk and learn more about the Club. To do so please contact us via the Contact Page of our website