November 2019 news

The talk at our next meeting on Monday 18th November is to be given by Professor Dr Peter Roberts on the subject of ‘Global Catastrophes’.
Gleefully, it is about eight different global catastrophes that are inevitable. Two will wipe out the whole of life on the planet, some will wipe out humanity but leave residual life, while others will simply destroy civilisation as we know it today. In his talk he raises the point (that most people don’t consciously recognise) that, if we were to be reduced to a primate state of life (cave dwellers or similar) then there will be no rebuilding of our technological civilisation, because all of the accessible raw materials have been accessed and used. Even Kings & Queens will have a hard time finding any gold for their crowns. This is a well received talk, with some very interesting slides and containing information that few people will know about. It will be fascinating, enjoyable but not frightening. By the way two of those global catastrophes are actually in operation at the present time, but the press doesn’t talk much about them.

Prof Dr. Peter Roberts is a retired professor of Engineering Geology and Industrial Consultant. He has a first degree in geology, and two higher degrees, A Masters in mining and tunnelling, and a Doctorate in civil engineering. He has published numerous papers and textbooks and lectured in many countries of the world. In retirement he has started his own publishing business and written numerous textbooks and language books as well as fiction under the non-de-plume of Richard Royal. His hobbies include writing, playing the guitar and keyboard, photography, and he and his wife share the hobbies of driving fast cars, skiing, and motor homing.

If anyone is interested in joining a retirement group for retired professional or business men, you are welcome to come along as a guest of one of our members to listen to the talk and learn more about the Club. To do so please contact us via the Contact Page of our website.